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Mission Statement

The Center for Human Development is constituted as an organized research unit of the University of California, San Diego. The CHD provides core resources for the community of scholars and investigators throughout the university with research interests in human development, broadly defined. Among the resources available are testing and meeting facilities, administrative and research offices, a centralized web-accessible database and participant registry, pre- and post-award support for contracts and grants, and core support for clinical behavioral assessments, neuroimaging and neurophysiological studies, and statistical and computational modeling. In addition to its research activities, the CHD sponsors and supports seminars and workshops to promote intellectual exchange among developmental scholars, and it contributes to the education of undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral fellows with interests in developmental sciences.

CHD/Cognitive Science Talk - Friday, May 9 @ 11am in CSB 180

Anne Waraumont - Mechanisms for Learning From Social and Intrinsic Rewards in Early Speech Development

CHD Talk - Thursday, Jan 30 @ 12:30pm in AP&M 4301

Erika Forbes - Neural Reward Systems, Social Context, and the Development of Depression and Substance Use

CHD Talk - Friday, Nov 8 @ 11am in CSB 003

Daniel Messinger - Emotion, Interaction, and Autism: Timing and Development

SIMPHONY Study in the News

CHD's SIMPHONY Study featured in The Atlantic and on NBC 7 San Diego.

New NIH grant on the Effects of Premature Birth

Natacha Akshoomoff was awarded a grant from the NIH to track the developmental trajectory of very preterm children as they transition from preschool to grade school.  

Grammy Foundation Award

John Iversen receives a grant from the Grammy Foundation for the "SIMPHONY" project.

The Effects of Musical Training

CHD investigators John Iversen and Paula Tallal talk about the effects of music on the brain and cognition in a BBC News Magazine article.

Participate in Research

ACTION Study (ages 5-8)

PING Study (ages 3-10)

PLING Study (ages 5-8)

SIMPHONY Study (ages 5-8)

DNI Lab Studies (ages 6-40)

Preemie Study (ages 4-6)