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CHD Reserved Parking for Visitors

(space #916 in lot #P206)

A reservation and dashboard permit is required to park in this space.

The CHD reserved parking space should be used for research participants and invited guests who are not affiliated with UCSD. Per campus policy, UCSD students, faculty, staff, official volunteers, etc. may NOT use this parking spot at any time or for any reason.

If there is an unauthorized vehicle parked in this spot, please report it to UCSD Transportation Services by calling 858-822-3379. Be prepared to provide the space number (916), lot number (P206), and description of the unauthorized car. Also provide Transportation Services with the vehicle details for your guest so he/she can park in any other space in lot 206 (please avoid other reserved spaces, disabled parking spaces, and EV Charging Stations) without getting ticketed.

Paid permits are not required in A (red), B (green), or S (yellow) spaces on Saturdays, Sundays, and university holidays. 

Reserved Parking Process

  1. Check the parking calendar below for availability. Do not reserve a spot when a reservation already exists for the time you need.
  2. Set up an event in your own online calendar (Google, Mac iCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc). Include the event name (e.g., BEE Lab research participant, Dr. Smith - guest speaker, etc.). Do not include names or any other personal information of your research participants. In the body of the event, also include the name and phone number of the person setting up the event on the calendar.
  3. Add chd-parking@ucsd.edu as a guest or invitee for the new event in your online calendar. This will add your event to the departmental parking calendar.
  4. Confirm that your reservation is reflected in the departmental calendar. You may need to refresh the department calendar for your event to appear.
  5. Each lab will have access to parking permits that should be provided to research participants and guests to place on their dashboard while parked in reserved space #916.
  6. Please delete the event from the calendar if you have any cancellations or scheduling changes.


Paige: pturner@ucsd.edu or 858-534-9919
Janet: jshin@ucsd.edu or 858-822-2698